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We help you write responses to PQQs, SQs and ITTs that are creative, comprehensive and compelling. We specialize in NHS tenders and council social care tenders. Our bid writing consultants have worked directly with service users in the NHS/social care sector and will add value to your bid, combining field experience with bid writing techniques to ensure your key strengths and the uniques selling points (USPs) are highlighted.


What You Gain

Pricing Explained

We use a fixed day rate (minimum 2 days) for completing tenders. However, the time it takes to complete each tender varies with the number and complexity of the questions. Hence, we first look at your tender documents to give you an accurate quotation for writing your tender.

The Department of Health and Social Care has published guidance setting out the principles and best practice benchmarks health and social care employers and recruitment agencies must follow to ensure effective, ethical international recruitment.

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Using Our Services

We assign you a dedicated bid writer gathers all required information from your, and through further research before drafting high quality tender responses to your questionnaire.
Our bid writing techniques developed inhouse through experience and continuous professional development help our craft method statements and develop case studies that emphasize your skills, experience, and advantages, giving you the best chance of winning the tender
We review your systems, policies, and procedures and make the necessary changes/improvements to ensure you comply with the buyer’s requirements. We can also assist you with GDPR self-assessment, a requirement for some of the tenders.
While working on your tender, we will drip feed you a draft response to each question to get your input/feedback before creating the final versions of each response. We maintain constant contact with you throughout the process so you are aware of our progress.

Other Services

Bid Review

If you write your own bids, getting a second pair of eyes never hurts. 

Our bid review gives you an objective assessment of how well your bid would perform, giving you the chance to make changes/improvements before submission. Our experienced consultants will evaluate and score each of your responses. We then highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your bid and recommend changes/improvements. This service also includes editing and proofreading to ensure your responses are concise, relevant, and easy to follow

Tender Sourcing

Subscribing to every tender platform so you don’t miss any new notices can be tedious.

Tenders are published via multiple platforms daily. It can also crowd your inbox through daily email updates. That is why we can source the tenders on your behalf, saving you precious time by only alerting you of tenders that are of interest to you. We have access to multiple tender platforms, and we also manually search for new tenders to ensure you don’t miss out on any important opportunities.

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